Italki challenge 2014

376_43657256409_1339_nI recently gave a post about Italki and what it lets you do. Today I signed up to the italki challenge, but what is it?

I have to have twenty five hours of lessons on-line over the course of June and July 2014. This works out as about three hours per week. If I do it, I win!

I’ve paid 20 USD as I promise that I will complete this challenge. When I complete it I get back the 20 USD and get another 40 USD!

Why am I doing it?

Ok, it’s clear that I won’t be rich as a result of doing this, but it sure as hell gives me an incentive to catch up. I’m currently having only three hours of Russian exam preparation and one hour of Ukrainian a week. There are other languages which I want to maintain and it’s not always easy to find the motivation. What’s more, in August I’ll be going to Italy and want to make sure that I’ll be able to freely communicate with everyone when I get there.

I recommend this as I great opportunity for everyone else interested in maintaining their languages  and / or learning new ones.

More can be found here:

In the meantime, here’s a clip of me explaining what I’ll be doing in the languages I know. Which ones can you identify?

This is all completely spontaneous and unreheared and I didn’t realise how demanding it would be! That’s why I have to cut short at the end.




I have a clear aim in life - to learn languages and to help others learn as well. I want to share my knowledge and experiences in the hope that others can turn a daunting process of language learning into an enjoyable adventure. I want this blog to be a tool that people can use together for the benefit of learning languages to share their own common experiences. No one is perfect, especially me! For this reason I appreciate any and all comments and criticism to help improve this site (of course, I won't shy away from positive ideas as well). Feel free to write in any language - if I can't speak it, I'll make an effort to reply anyway!

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